Thursday, July 31, 2008

vacation days 4-6--Alabama

(I'm blogging with more detail and pics on our family blog. It is viewable by invitation only; let me know if you'd like to see it!) up, packed, went to lunch at Grandma's, then goodbye visit at Aunt Sharon's. It was so great to spend time with them; of course, the boys captured both their hearts, and both were amazed at the beautiful young lady A is becoming.

We drove to Lake Martin, AL to see my friends Ryan and Kelly. Ryan and Kelly both taught with me in Forth Worth, and quickly became dear friends. We've kept in touch and were eager to spend time with them and their two boys.

We stayed at the lake house owned by Kelly's parents. It was beautiful--literally right on the lake, with several decks and porches, a dock, boats, everything you could want. B hit it off with their boys, and even more with their dog Aslan!

We ate dinner,  talked and caught up, and discovered that we have a favorite show in common--The Office; so we watched some TV. Great to relax and be with people we love!

We spent the next two days eating, swimming, splashing, tubing, waterskiing, took the boys for their first boat was an awesome two days; the most relaxed and fun we've all felt in a while.

Ryan and Kelly are wonderful people--kind, loving, fun, easy-going. The best friendships are ones where, even after years apart, you bond immediately when reunited. That's how it is with Ryan and Kelly.


Mrs. V. said...

I'd like an invitation to your families personal blog. :)

This is Elizabeth, from Legacy, by the way!

Todd said...

Elizabeth Kelly? wow, how are you?

I need your email to send you an invitation to the family blog.