Monday, October 27, 2008

Brian McLaren--Obama, Part 5

Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama, and Why I Hope You Will Too, part 5
by Brian McLaren.

In this post, Brian addresses abortion.

(I know I skipped part 4, you can read it here--it's about the environment.)

hello again

Sorry (if anyone is out there) that I haven't written in a while. Just been really busy and haven't made it a priority. I'm attempting again to remedy that...

life is great, but crazy busy. church is going well, new people are coming around and joining, including some artists. we are in the midst of a series on the Sermon on the Mount, where artists are interpreting and creating and leading us in worship...

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I've been in an exhausting conversation with a friend who adamantly opposes Obama, basically saying that Christians who support Obama are defying God. 

Four years ago, eight years ago, actually every election since I could first vote in 1984; I have voted Republican, because I was told that Republicans championed Christian values and that Democrats were Godless liberals.

As my thinking has opened up in recent years; and seeing much in the current administration, and our country, that does not reflect God; my political views have changed.

If you are a Christian (or even if not) I encourage you to look at the ProLife, ProObama page from the Matthew 25 website for a different perspective on Christians, the election, and abortion...also see this Put Away Falsehood page from Matthew 25 that addresses a lot of, well, falsehoods about Obama and his positions.

Another good site is Clergy for Obama.

As a pastor, I realize I am taking a risk in endorsing a candidate. I do not do so from the pulpit (we don't us a pulpit anyway :-) )

But we have a very open and diverse community at Convergence, and I think I communicate an attitude of acceptance and respect for all people and all opinions. I would rather us have conversation about politics, and learn from one another, than create an atmosphere where people are afraid to be honest or feel judged if they have a different perspective.

Monday, October 06, 2008


great story about the Redskins, who have gone from the team expected to finish last in the division to one of the best in the league.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

election and abortion

I've been in some good conversations lately about the election, and the typical conservative Christian perspective that you can't be a Christian and vote for a pro-choice candidate.

here are some good blogs that address this issue:

McLaren--Obama, pt. 3

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