Wednesday, May 23, 2007

defining God v. responding to God

More great stuff from Pete Rollins, How (Not) to Speak of God, chapter 2:
The difference between the idea that our Christian traditions describe God and the view that they are worshipful responses to God is important to grasp, for while the former seeks to define, the latter is engaged with response. (p. 21)

I find that I connect with God more these days when I worship Him and respond to Him rather than trying to figure him out...Not that I don't ask questions; I'm finishing a philosophy course titled "Who is God" that is kicking my butt. It's got me asking all kinds of questions about omnipotence, foreknowledge, prayer, hell, suffering...But I find myself interacting with God more than ever in the midst of those questions. I used to feel like not knowing or understanding something made me feel further from Him; but now I feel just the opposite--questioning and seeking draw me to Him.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

traffic advice

Here's some simple but great advice from CoolPeopleCare--an organization worth checking out! I've been trying to do some of this--it makes a huge difference in my attitude to let people in rather than getting mad.

Let Someone In
by Sam Davidson

You're not in that much of a hurry.You stopped speeding, you use your blinker all the time, and you finally curtailed all of that nasty road rage. Prove it by letting someone else in. Even though you took Driver’s Ed., you're still not sure whose turn it is at those pesky four-way stops, blinking lights, or nervous roundabouts. Take the high road and motion your fellow travelers to go ahead of you. You'll be sure not to waste time with a fender bender, and someone's day might be made a little brighter by your generosity. Let one person cut in front of you in traffic today.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Doug Pagitt jumps in

In February, at the National Pastors' Convention, my friend Josh and I had the opportunity to spend some time in conversation with Doug Pagitt. We were talking about the Christian watchdogs on the internet (which I often read, and hate myself for wasting the time). I told him that he was still kind of under their radar. Not any more. Last week Doug was interviewed by Ingrid Schlueter, (one of the watchdogs). You can listen here.

A lot of folks have jumped into the conversation. I'm glad so many have offered Doug their encouragement (not that he needs guess is that Doug is pretty secure and not too upset by the criticism). One of the best responses is here on Fajita's blog.

I'm convinced there are two kinds of people who listen to and read these watchdogs (they call themselves discernment ministries--but I don't really see any ministry being done, only judging and condemning anyone who has a different perspective. They are most adamant about condemning successful ministries).

I think the people reading the watchdogs are:
1. People who have made up their minds about all matters of faith and have nothing more to discuss. They are convinced that they are right about everything and anyone who disagrees is wrong. They find support when they slam others and have their friends encourage them to keep it up.

2. People like me who read them, still amazed that people who call themselves Christians can be so oblivious to one of the Bible's main themes--to love one another. Now, they say they are loving, by telling the truth in love, but come on--there is no encouragement, only condemnation in their speech.

People read this stuff because they agree with it, or they don't. I really doubt that anyone is changing their minds because of it.

I also find it sad that they lump together a wide variety of churches and styles and perspectives, ie. emerging church, emergent, seeker-senstitive, megachurch, purpose-driven, contemporary worship, and announce that all those involved in these types of ministries are deceived, and that all leaders are bound for hell.

OK, I'll get off my soapbox for now.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

on a lighter note...

ever have a tough time parking? take a few minutes, relax, and enjoy...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

catching up, Johnny Cash, Pete Rollins

Been way too busy; always feel behind, too much to do, not enough time. It's 1:30 am and I should be in bed...

Sunday was great, we talked about the unique path that each of us takes as we walk through life with Jesus, and how God uses all of who we are. I used Johnny Cash as an example--a man who sought God; was sometimes very close to Him, other times off on his own, but artistically and spiritually was an amazing man. We watched the video to the song "Hurt." (click to see the video) If you've never seen it; stop and watch it now. It's the most powerful music video I've ever seen.

OK, more Pete Rollins; chapter 2, short but deep:
the relationship we have with God cannot be reduced to our understanding of that relationship.

Think about that for a while; I'm going to bed.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Today is my 42nd birthday. It was a great day...started with a walk through the neighborhood with Brady...then off to work, where Lisa, Joy and Kurt gave me a birthday cake and sang to me at staff meeting...lunch with my friend Fred at the original Hard Times Cafe in Oldtown...tonight a beer with Josh, Tom and Lore at RiRa's, a great Irish restaurant. I'm so grateful for terrific friends!