Friday, July 11, 2008

rough week

it's been a really rough week; with some really good times interspersed. I shouldn't get into a lot of detail; but had to make some decisions and had some conversations that were very hard; had big impact on other people, hurt some people's feelings, disappointed some...

I tried to do everything well; but know I know I made some mistakes along the way. I just felt several times throughout the week like the grim reaper--the bearer of bad news.

it was pretty exhausting spiritually and emotionally. 

but I also had some good times...great time with Bud, lunch downtown and a visit to the Studio Gallery...Elise gave a fantastic lecture on The Artist and Faith in Community. Afterward several of us hung out at Lisa's house and had great conversation about worship. At times like that I really feel God's presence realize how special this faith community is.

Also had special time with my boys, got a few things done at work, and watched some good TV (finished season 1 of Deadwood.)

A lot to do in the coming week, then we're on vacation--Nashville, Lake Martin, AL, and Atlanta. Should be a great road trip!

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Anonymous said...

Definitely hard at times homie but God is good and in it all if we just look for his leading. Cheers!