Monday, July 28, 2008

road trip day 3

Got up today and had breakfast at the hotel; it's not easy getting everyone up and dressed and to the dining room on time; so J made about 10 trips bringing cereal, waffles, eggs, juice, etc. to the room.

We went for a swim at the hotel, then went to Grandma's for lunch--had barbecue from Center Point Barbecue--really good.

The boys napped in the afternoon, so we relaxed. Met Aunt Sharon for dinner at Opry Mills Mall (I'm still mad that they tore down Opry Land to build a shopping mall)...

Sharon took us to dinner at The Aquarium. The boys loved the atmosphere--incredible sea life in this enormous aquarium in the middle of the restaurant, and the seafood was fantastic. B had a blast walking around the aquarium, looking at all the fish, talking to other kids...We got some cool souvenirs for the kids.

After dinner we walked around the mall, got an aqua massage--really cool. Went to the Bass Pro Shop, J was in heaven.

Late night, but very much worth it.

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