Monday, December 21, 2009


sorry for the long time between posts...a lot going on, but haven't felt like I have much to say. Life is good, kids are well (except for all the colds coming and going). I've been substitute teaching and tutoring; still looking for a full-time job. That's getting stressful; if I don't find something that pays better soon (like in the next couple weeks); 2010 is going to have a rough start.

But I'm trying not to be stressed. We have always done ok; God provides a way, something comes along...

I have been talking to a friend about a potential church position--just in early stages of conversation, so I don't want to get my hopes up, but it could be a wonderful opportunity.

I'm also looking at a business opportunity that might be good--although it would be very different for me.

I am also really enjoying being back in the classroom. I sub at North Stafford High School most days and have gotten to know a lot of the kids. It's been a lot of fun. I have taught two kids whose parents were classmates of mine in high school--that makes you feel old!

So life these days is up and down. I love my family, and spending time with my wife and kids. I love teaching, and I'm excited about future possibilities. I'm also still struggling with identity--for years my job/ministry was a big part of that--right now there's a kind of a void there.

We are snowed in a few days before Christmas; finally got the driveway cleared today. The boys love the snow. I'm looking forward to good time with family over the next week. Merry Christmas!