Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm completely ashamed that it's been a month since I wrote. Crap. I keep saying I want to write more, but life never slows down and I forget, and put it off, and suddenly it's a month later.

It's been a good month. We had a great vacation to Washington (state) to see Jamie's family. My brother-in-law Chad got us tickets to the Redskins--Seahawks game (the only game the Skins have won in quite a while).

The kids got to see and play with cousins; it was great. 

Work is good, it's been a busy month, but will hopefully slow down during the holidays. 

I'm going to update stuff on the blog--books, movies, etc.

I have been keeping up with facebook more; look for me there. As always, I'll try to write more soon!