Tuesday, July 15, 2008

last week is over/yesterday was great!

thank God, last week is over. I blogged last week about how rough it was--it kept up through Sunday.

we rent space at Convergence to a preschool; but realize it's time to take back the space they use so that we can better fulfill our mission. Sunday we met with their leaders to tell them we were going to give them one more year on their lease. 

I knew they would be upset, and expected them to plead with us; but wasn't prepared for the anger and accusations. I don't want to replay any of that now; I just say that to explain that I went into worship Sunday afternoon feeling like crap.

(New rule, no more 4 pm meetings on Sunday!)

It was the final in a series of meetings and conversations over the last 5 days that were really hard. I hate hurting or upsetting people; and seems I had to do it several times...

but worship turned out good (you can read about it here.) I was so grateful for the support of our leaders, who walked through some of the difficulties with Lisa and me, and really encouraged us.

So I went into my day off Monday really needing a change; and I got it. Yesterday was one of those "best days." We went to Kings Dominion, with low expectations because of a forecast of thunderstorms; but it was sunny all day, almost a perfect day. 

the crowd was small; so we never had to wait for rides. Brady rode his first roller coaster; had a blast. We rode rides and splashed in the waterpark. Brady got a kick just watching the drop zone over and over.

it was so fun watching him walk around, gazing in wonder at the sights around him. All day I felt so much joy, just being with my family. 

Ashley brought a friend and both were really good all day.

We didn't expect to stay too long; but didn't leave till almost 10 pm. I was exhausted; but it was worth it!

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