Thursday, January 10, 2008

on writing

I love to write—well, sometimes I love to write. Sometimes I go into it kicking and screaming, but I feel like I am supposed to do it. Writing is one of those things that makes my life feel more complete—like praying, exercising, eating a little better and making sure I’m spending quality time with friends and family.

Something feels off or missing when I realize I haven’t written in a while. I believe I have potential as a writer. I think with more discipline and guidance I can write well, dig deeper, explore more, express myself more openly and honestly…There is so much inside me that I feel and think and wonder—I want to communicate that, interact with it, wrestle with it, --and writing is one way I can do that.

I have been participating in some writing workshops at Convergence, led by my friend Nina. I love the times when we gather to write and read and encourage each other. It makes me think that I really can do this; and helps me get the ball rolling…I really need to make writing a habit, something that I do regularly, often, with discipline…I spend a lot more time wanting to write than I do actually writing, and I’ve got to move past that.

At this stage in my life writing helps me see things more clearly. Life is really full right now—marriage, kids that seem to be multiplying, church, house, yard, cars, friends, basketball, traveling….my life feels like a box of toy balls that is constantly overflowing, there isn't room to contain it all, so every time I get hold of something and put it back in the box, something else falls out and I have to go chase it. Sometimes that’s fun, sometimes just exhausting.

Writing helps me put down the box for a little while…

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