Monday, January 14, 2008

enjoying the journey

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ursula Le Guin

Sometimes in "church work" we get so focused on the goals that we kind of gloss over what's going on right now. I have a lot of hopes and ideas of where Convergence will be in the future; but I really want to enjoy where we are now as well. We are building such a beautiful picture of community, of family--one I've never experienced in an institutional church.

I keep remembering a conversation last night, after a beautiful worship service, where about 5 of us were standing around talking and laughing. No one was trying to impress anyone else; we were talking honestly about life and death and family problems; but it was so cool to hear people sharing and listening and being able to laugh about life.

Now things aren't perfect--we desperately need to start raising more money--a lot of it...and I still drop balls and make mistakes and forget all kinds of stuff. And sometimes people do stuff that I just get.

But I love what I'm doing. I love the people that are giving and sacrificing because they see how important this thing called Convergence is. And I love the atmosphere when we gather--holy and down to earth, solemn and silly, truly authentic. I really believe God is doing something new and unique and really important. It's exciting and humbling to be a part of it!


Anonymous said...

Todd, I have been lurking on your blog for some time, and I know you were worried if someone is reading it. I AM!!! Don't stop.

God is doing something new and exciting. I'm clear across the country, living in one of Barna's "zero" states. (Washington) We are seeing a change in what people are looking for in a church, and it's thrilling, scary, exciting, terrifying.

Sorry I haven't commented before. Hope all is well. Maybe the next time I'm in Herndon on business (My company has a branch office in Herndon, and I go there regularly) we can get a cup of coffee.


Todd said...

thanks for the encouragement, Brad! My wife is from Mount Vernon--not too far from you I think. We get out there every couple years--hopefully this summer. I've met some neat folks out there--spent a little time with Jim Henderson, Rose Swetman...

I'll check out your blog. have a great day; and let me know when you're in town.


Anonymous said...

Were you at Off-The-Map in November? Rose's session with Brian McLaren was wonderful, and Jim is just a kick.