Monday, April 07, 2008

more vision

thoughts about our facility and ways we care for others:

I see our facility filled with people...
-commuters in the morning stopping by for a cup of coffee
-people walking through the gallery, looking at art, enjoying the beauty of our lawn.
-people meeting for conversation
-using our wireless internet to work in an environment that is more inviting than the office
-people using our library to read and learn and expand their minds

I see various teams forming to carry out the work of the church:
-hospitality teams that provide refreshments, conversation, and encouragement to artists using the facility.
(along those lines, I see a beautiful lawn with flowers and plants and bences for people to sit. I see a prayer garden and a labyrinth where people can connect with God in the beauty of His creation.)

I see teams that coordinate meeting the needs of people and groups who are part of or partner with Convergence. I see a day when each group that partners with Convergence has a Church at Convergence liaison who serves as a sort of chaplain with each group.

I see a counseling center--a place for people to come for emotional and spiritual healing.

I see the Church at Convergence hosting seminars and discussions about life and faith and art, in conjunction with local churches, seminaries and colleges.

I see Convergence leaders and artists serving as consultants with other churches on how to support artists and foster creativity in church.

I see the Church at Convergence serving as a catalyst for people's passions and desires.

I see us giving artists opportunities to make those dreams become reality.

I see people learning to better love God and other people; looking for opportunities to get together and talk, listen, play, learn, work, eat, and drink.

I see a community that utilizes technology; with online discussions and blogs and creative communication among members, collaborators, and friends.

If our goal is to get people into church, we’re thinking too small. God doesn’t just want to influence people in church; he wants to influence all people. He wants to radically impact people’s lives, and He calls us to be a part of that!

God has called the Church to do this work; and while many churches are making a difference, we believe we can do more.

We believe that God is still changing the world. God isn’t limited to our decision of whether or not to carry out his mission. God isn’t waiting for us. The world around us is challenging God’s people to listen, speak and engage.

God is working in creative ways here, in and among us, as well as with other individuals and communities around the world. He is inviting us to join with him in changing our world, by finding ways to live out the Kingdom of God on earth.

We believe that He is using this church, especially as we open up and live out His love in creative and imaginative ways.

By working together to build a church that reflects the things I’ve described, we will see God change individual lives, and transform the culture itself.

As creators, artists reflect the creativity of God. They influence culture. We believe God speaks through artists, mirroring - exposing God’s heart, will, and dreams.

And as we explore this connection between faith and art, as we build a church that is totally committed to this, we are seeing God do amazing things.

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