Wednesday, April 02, 2008

more state of convergence

Monday I talked about different gatherings I’d love to see at The Church at Convergence. Today I’ll touch on people and groups I see in this vision…

I see a church where all are welcome, where we celebrate our differences and learn from one another, rather than try to make people conform.

I see a church where our agenda is not to convert people, but to create a community that values freedom and conversation, interaction and collaboration, exploration and imagination, through it all giving God room to work in unique and creative ways.

A church like this will impact the community and culture around it. A church like this will help people see a God that loves and values them and wants a relationship with them.

I see people coming in and out of the sanctuary throughout the day to pray and meditate and spend time in silence with God.

I see people gathering in all kinds of groups:

Artists way groups where artists gather to encourage and support each other

Groups gathering to pray for each other, our community, and our world.

Spiritual formation groups where people dig into the Bible and strive to live out their faith in practical ways.

Community service groups; where people get out into our local community meeting the needs of people—feeding the hungry, cleaning our neighborhoods, tutoring kids, teaching music and art to those who can’t afford it…

Groups where people gather to read books, watch films, listen to music, then discuss the spiritual dimensions of the art they are experiencing.

I see groups led by artists that help people connect their art with spiritual practices.

I see groups meeting at pubs to drink and talk and engage people where they naturally gather.

I see people gathering for food and fellowship:

Sunday morning breakfast gatherings

Lunches throughout the week

Dinner parties



I see people working together to bring about change. I believe that God cares about the issues that people care about—poverty, hunger, illness, justice, peace, the environment. The church should be leading the way in addressing these issues in a way that honors God and loves people.

I see our people effecting change in our world, speaking out on these issures and others, supporting causes that positively impact our world.

more tomorrow--and please leave your comments, reactions, questions, ideas...

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