Thursday, January 18, 2007

a new look

You may notice my blog has a new look. I chose a new template because it was easier to fit some new things on the page. I have added a section for books/movies/cds I am enjoying and recommend. AND, if you buy an item from amazon through my blog, I get a few cents.

I spoke last Sunday about "The Kingdom as a Party," from John 2 where Jesus turned the water into wine. Got me thinking about how God really wants us to celebrate--Him, life, family, friends...Interesting that John chose as his first recorded miracle--not a healing or feeding, but saving a party!

I get so caught up in life's demands, that I don't take time to celebrate and enjoy. I'm trying to celebrate the little things--a good meal, the laughter of my children, a funny movie, a beautiful song, a pretty smile. Sometimes I look back at my "best days," days that made great memories, like surprise parties on my 16th, 21st, and 40th birthdays, my wedding day, the day Brady was born, a day at Kings Dominion with Ashley. I really do have much to celebrate!

If anyone's reading this, I'd love to hear about some of your "best days!"


Mute Writer said...

I like the new look Todd, though I must express a bit of disappointment. I noticed you had Rocky Balboa up for recent movies earlier and now it's gone. Tsk, Tsk!!! :) Hope everything is going well. Lisa is really appreciative of all your help and picking up the ball along with her's and running with it this week! Thanks Todd!!!

Todd said...

Thanks, David. I'm still working on that--I wanted to get images up; and ended up doing it through amazon. They only had images for movies that are already on DVD.

I've meant to get in touch--can't believe how fast the week went. You haven't caught anything from Lisa, have you? Let's try to catch up sometime next week--maybe another movie?