Saturday, June 28, 2008

challenging time

This is a really challenging season in life. I have four dear friends (two couples) dealing with serious marriage trouble...several friends struggling with depression...two sick boys, and a wife who isn’t sleeping much, exhausted from running our home…one of my favorite people is in the midst of of my best friends is a new dad, but both mom and baby are dealing with health issues...another close friend, moving toward marriage, recently hit a huge bump in the road...another friend whose mother is dying. 

So many people I care about are really hurting and struggling. One of my strengths is being compassionate and sympathetic…but it can also be a weakness…taking the weight of all these burdens of the people I love.

I feel heavier than I have in a long time. I am behind on several projects at work, garden full of weeds, much yard work to do; home office is covered with piles and stacks that need to be gone through. Church—more people I want to spend time with than I have time.

But I will not despair. My problems really aren't that big. And through it all, I have experienced God's presence like never before. This idea of whole-life worship we have been exploring has become very real to me. So I hold onto God, the one constant in life.


Josh said...

todd...thanks for being such a good friend and helping to carry the weight of life...i hope things cool down soon, and i can't thank you enough for how well you loved me, shey and rowan through all this. and i can't wait for you to get some time with the little guy..

much love friend

Rev. April said...

im right there with ya todd... not despair, but it is so, so heavy, to be amidst so much brokenness. nuc and i have been feeling it a lot lately.

hope to see you soon and catch up.