Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I Do

I've spent most of my adult life in jobs that were pretty easy to explain--pastor, teacher, security guard, pizza delivery guy, baseball umpire...

But two months ago we moved to Washington where I got a job as a Ministry Development Negotiator for Logos Bible Software. I've had many conversations with friends and family members where I try to explain what that means. Heck, I didn't even really know what all it entailed until I was a couple weeks into the job!

So I'm going to take some time now to explain what I do. If you're not that interested, feel free to stop reading now.

First some background on Logos. You can read more detail here on the Logos website; and this video gives a good feel for what the company is like.

This video shows what Logos's products can do.

Logos makes an amazing product--it's not just Bible software (although it is the best Bible software out there), it is a huge library of over 17,000 resources, instantly available because of the incredible technology.

I wish I'd had Logos in seminary.

My department, Ministry Development, works primarily to connect with conferences, churches, and schools to present Logos to groups of people and show them how Logos can make a huge difference in their ministries and studies.

Logos has a publishing arm. Writers can publish their work digitally through Logos.

So what do I do? I co-lead a team of people who try to partner with organizations, setting up opportunities for Logos to present, sell, and train people to use Logos.

I spend a lot of time on the phone talking with pastors, professors, seminary deans, conference coordinators. Listening, getting to know them, helping show them how Logos can help them.

I write a lot of emails. I record a lot of data. I talk with members of my team, learning from each other, encouraging one another, laughing together.

I work most of the time with a guy who is both very different from me (he's conservative, I'm liberal. He's a talker, I'm a listener. He's a Cowboy fan, I'm a Redskin fan); but also somewhat similar. We love sports, movies, fatherhood, and have similar senses of humor.

I work long days; usually 9-10 hours. But I'm so busy, and there is so much variety, that most days go by very quickly. I always feel like I need to get more done, but I have done a good job of leaving work at the office and letting it go when I'm home.

I enjoy going to work in the mornings. I go in early--usually leave about 5:30--and listen to yesterday's Mike and Mike podcast as I drive.

I get off about 3/3:30, and pick up the kids from school. Twice a week we watch Ashley play soccer for her high school.

Life is busy and fun these days.

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