Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Life

I'm three days into my new job at Logos Bible Software, and I'm really enjoying it. It's been a challenging week--I'm still getting used to west coast time and weather (absolutely perfect one day, cool and cloudy/rainy the next).

I've been fighting a cold all week--tired and congested--but I'm drinking tea nonstop and pushing through.

Work is going really well. I'm kind of on information overload; but excited about what I am learning, and about what I'm going to be doing. I will be searching for and connecting with people with conferences, churches, ministries, universities, seminaries, denominations--building relationships and looking for ways that Logos can partner with them and help people with Bible study, theological research, sermon prep, etc. The potential is huge to help people and help Logos achieve more.

I am working on a team with some great people--young and eager and fun to be around. I'm the old guy in the group, but as always, I never feel that much older.

We are getting settled into Jamie's mom's house, she has been very generous in giving us lots of space and helping us feel at home.

The boys are getting adjusted--having fun playing with their cousin Ira and getting to know some kids in the neighborhood.

It's been an eventful month--lots of stress, lots of fun, lots of change. But I am at peace. Each day I leave Logos and take a scenic drive down I-5, surrounded by beautiful mountains on both sides. I go home to an amazing family, and thank God for my fantastic life!

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