Monday, June 20, 2011

Leaving Mountain View

I'm pretty up and down today. I am in the closing out process at school--I spent this school year substitute teaching at Mountain View High School. I was fortunate to get two long-term jobs this year--one in English, the other in earth science.

I enjoyed riding to school with Ashley (and having her drive this past month!) We got some good time together; it was great being in the same school together. She is so much fun to be with, has a great sense of humor, and is getting smarter every day.

Side note--I just got Ashley's transcript for her freshman year. She took eight classes (five of them honors/advanced), and finished with 6 A's and 2 B's. She's so awesome!

I'm excited about our move, but I will miss coming here each day; this has been a great place to work. The two years since leaving my last regular job have been difficult, but being here at Mountain View has been wonderful. I have enjoyed getting to know so many of the students, and feeling like part of a team, especially with the English teachers.

(Today is also tough because I'm grieving the loss of Clarence Clemons. I'll write about that later, in another post.)

So I will miss this fantastic group of teachers I've been able to work with. I will miss laughing and sharing stories with the students. I will miss watching Ashley play soccer, and her friends, and her coaches. I will miss getting up every day and going into the school, knowing I could make a difference in the lives of some young people. I will miss the crazy clothes and styles, talking to some of the guys about football and baseball, and re-reading great literature like Gatsby and Mockingbird.

As I get older I understand more the idea of seasons that my former pastor Harold talked about. Life is made up of seasons, some longer than others; each one shaping who we are, and preparing us for what's next.

So while I will miss much about this past year, I am grateful that I got this season. Rather than regret leaving here; I will be glad for this past year--the friendships, the conversations, the memories.

My season at Mountain View was short, but very sweet. I will smile whenever I think of this time. And that's something to be thankful for.

Tomorrow I'll write about the larger season of my last nine years in Virginia.

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