Wednesday, June 13, 2007

seeing yet not fully seeing God

From How (Not) To Speak of God, by Pete Rollins, chapter 2:
...we ought to affirm our view of God while at the same time realizing that that view is is important to bear in mind that this deconstruction is not destruction, for the questioning it engages in is not designed to undermine God but to affirm God.

I am grateful that God, while being above and beyond my grasp, makes Himself real and available to me. I do not have these conversations about God apart from Him, rather, He is a part of these discussions. I do not wrestle with questions of theology and philosophy on my own, I do it with Him! My doubts and struggles and questions do not undermine or diminish God--they could never do that--instead they make Him more real to me. The mystery doesn't keep me from him, rather it causes me to pursue Him more!


Ellie Anne said...

Todd and Jamie, I am so glad you have shared your blgs with me. I almost feel like I am a member of your church and being fed by you after reading them. I totally agree with you about how the mysterys in life only make us seek the Lord more. After Bill and I lost so many babies we wondered why? After many prayers we knew that God had a plan and the mystery would only be solved once we met face to face and he told of the many wonderful happenings of our children's lives in Heaven. We need not the answers but the faith to believe he knows what is best.
I pray for you and your family often. We are all excited to hear of your new addition. Congratulations!
Love, Beth

Todd said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Beth; great to hear from you! Hope everybody is well.