Tuesday, May 22, 2007

traffic advice

Here's some simple but great advice from CoolPeopleCare--an organization worth checking out! I've been trying to do some of this--it makes a huge difference in my attitude to let people in rather than getting mad.

Let Someone In
by Sam Davidson

You're not in that much of a hurry.You stopped speeding, you use your blinker all the time, and you finally curtailed all of that nasty road rage. Prove it by letting someone else in. Even though you took Driver’s Ed., you're still not sure whose turn it is at those pesky four-way stops, blinking lights, or nervous roundabouts. Take the high road and motion your fellow travelers to go ahead of you. You'll be sure not to waste time with a fender bender, and someone's day might be made a little brighter by your generosity. Let one person cut in front of you in traffic today.

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Sam Davidson said...

Thanks for the mention, Todd! We appreciate it!